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Ask Linda HR Consulting Services, Inc.

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We offer a vast array of excellent services beyond that which is listed on this page.  Call or Email for a no-obligation HR Risk Assessment and discover how partnering with an outside consultant can give you the results you need to secure your bottom line!

Ask Linda HR Consulting Services, Inc. Offers adaptive and proactive concierge human resource solutions designed to add an extra layer of protection to the most the most vulnerable aspects of your business.

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With our specialists, and experts at your disposal, you will face complex HR issues with confidence

Biography of Linda Drassen

Linda's career began in Ohio working for the construction industry; medical and multi-physician practices, veteran associations, retail establishments, and high-end restaurant chains.  Prior to graduation, Linda turned down an opportunity to attend law school, choosing instead to focus on a career in zoology.  While hand-feeding the baby bears and bald eagles was one of her favorite activities, it soon occurred to her that her favorite job activities were ones that required assisting owners and executive-level staff to enrich educational and administrative programs that limited risk associated with employment laws. Today, Linda serves businesses as one of the Top 10 HR Consulting Firms in the San Antonio area. 

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